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EAW JF260 2 Way Speaker



Sales Unit: Each

Units Available: 4

Frequency Response                                          Nominal Coverage

  19.125 x +- 2dB           70 Hz to 18Hz                 Horizontal                      60 Degrees

                  -10dB           55 Hz                              Vertical                          45 Degrees

Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL 1W@ 1M)                  General Information

  LF/Full Range               98 dB SPL                     HF Subsystem              2" Exit Compression

  HF                                 106 dB SPL                                                        Driver on CD Horn

Nominal Impedance                                           LF Subsystem              1 x 12" Vented            

  Full Range/LF                8 Ohms                         Crossover Data             Switchable Bi-amp or

                    HF                16 Ohms                                                               Fullrange passive     

Power Handling                                                   Maximum Output

  LF AES                          500W                                 LF Long Term                121 dB SPL

  LF 100H Sine Wave      200W                                 LF Peak                         125 dB SPL

  HF AES                         200W                                 HF Long Term               125 dB SPL

  HF 100H Sine Wave     80W                                    HF Peak                        129 dB SPL