Who is GV Audio?

We are a professional audio supply company specializing in customer service with respect to sales, installations, rentals, and production services. Our Staff represents a broad cross-section of audio professionals with experience in broadcast, recording, event management, live sound production, installations, and repair services. Together we provide a complete service to help our customers and clients to fulfill their needs and desires.

GV Audio Inc.
1355 Scarth St.
Regina, SK.,
S4R 2E7 Canada
(306)565-3111, (888)565-3111

Who are our customers?

We provide professional sound services to a wide variety of customers with a wide variety of applications. Here is a partial list: Churches, schools, broadcasters, DJ's, musicians, communication directors, audio technicians, organizers, recording studio's, production managers, entertainers, SRC's, theaters, restaurants, hotels, recreation facilities, and film and video producers. Our client base continues to grow steadily.

Company History.

Gould Vibrations was formed by Derek Gould in 1982 with the intention to provide professional sound services for local entertainers. With his years of experience as an audio technician for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, he was perfectly suited to fulfill that market need. Since that time, Gould Vibrations has flourished into a full service audio company, expanding into retail, rental and installation areas. GV Audio Inc. was incorporated in the fall 1995.