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Yamaha ACU16-C Amp Controller


BRAND: Yamaha

Sales Unit: Each

Units Available: 1

Monitor/Controller for Tn and PC-1N Series Amps with CobraNet™ Capability

16-channel D/A Converter and Monitor/Control Unit

  • The ACU16-C converts up to 16 channels of digital audio (48 kHz/20-bit or 24-bit) to analog using CobraNet technology, and delivers analog audio to the power amplifiers with a dynamic range of 110dB.
  • Tn and PC-1N series amplifier settings and status can be monitored and controlled using the supplied NetworkAmp Manager software and a computer: power on/standby, attenuation, out/in levels, temperature, load impedance, and more. One ACU16-C can control up to 32 Tn and PC-1N series amplifiers.
  • Connect a computer to any NHB32-C or ACU16-C in the network, and have full monitoring/control capability over all CobraNet-connected Tn and PC-1N series amplifiers.

About CobraNet™
There is a growing need for large-scale audio systems, and with it the need for advanced networking technologies that can distribute high-quality audio quickly and reliably throughout large venues or open facilities with fully integrated control. CobraNet™ is a sophisticated technology that enables transfer of multiple audio and control channels via Ethernet cable.

As an integrated system, CobraNet allows digital data to be carried up to 100 meters* from one port to another device by common CAT-5/100Base-TX cabling, or up to 2 kilometers by optical fiber. It is fast, with constant 5.33ms latency**; it is reliable, thanks to built-in redundant systems; and, with the standard cabling and connections, it is remarkably easy to use and economical.

* The actual maximum length of cables may differ depending on the quality of the Ethernet equipment or the particular settings used.
** Low latency mode of CobraNet™ is now supported, which enables users to choose from 5.33ms, 2.67ms and 1.33ms.