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Yamaha Rev 5 Digital Reverb


BRAND: Yamaha


Sales Unit: Each

Units Available: 1


Full 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for superior sound

REV5 sampling frequency has been increased to 44.1 kHz to provide full, accurate frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This extra margin of reproduction precision means exceptionally clean, "transparent" effect sound and a broader control range.

Expanded control parameters and 60 user memory locations

REV5 Yamaha has provided an extremely broad range of control over the reverb sound, allowing the operator to precisely simulate almost any desired effect. This same expanded control capability applies to the REV5's early-reflection, delay and echo, modulation, pitch change and combination effects as well.

Independent digital program EQ in addition to master EQ

In addition to a master three-band sweep equalizer which can be used to shape the overall response of the REV5 effect signal, individual EQ settings are possible for each effect program.

Midi program selection and dump capability

The REV5 features a MIDI In terminal which allows MIDI selection of effect programs, and a switchable MIDI Thru/ Out terminal which serves dual functions. When switched to Thru, it functions as a standard MIDI Thru terminal, re-transmitting MIDI data received at the MIDI In terminal. This facilitates the "daisy -chaining" of MIDI devices. When switched to Out, user-edited programs stored in internal RAM can be dumped to a MIDI data recorder or other data storage device.

Switchable input/output levels

As an extra touch of convenience the REV5's electronically balanced input and output terminals can be switched to match -20 dBm or +4 dBm line levels- providing compatibility with a broader range of sound equipment.