Tuesday, May 29, 2018

GV Audio acquires Digico S31 digital console by admin

In October 2017, GV Audio Inc acquired its first Digico S31 console with D2 remote head.

The S31 has 31 faders as well as three touch screens and is capable of running 48 Flexi channels of input and up to 16 Flexi outputs in a variety of configurations via remote snake heads via MADI over CAT5E.  The console also has 24 local inputs with 12 local outputs for smaller events and stand alone work.  The S31 is capable of operating at either 48 or 96 Khz for crystal clear audio.  Owner Derek Gould loved the clarity and trueness of the audio signal at the annual OSAC showcase which was held this year in Regina.

The Production Staff are looking forward to seeing more of what this console can do during the Summer Festival season where it will truly be put to the test.